Meet the founder, Hope Praline

Hey guys (if there is anyone reading this), I know I said there should be a post a few weeks ago, but that fell through as I lost interest in the founder. But I can assure you, that will not happen again. I am aiming to have a chapter up in two days. I am on holidays, so I have a LOT of free time on my hands.

So sorry,

P.S. – My game is run on an old Dell Inspiron 530, so don’t be expecting Starr Legacy quality pictures. In the far future, I may be getting a new computer or graphics card, but don’t hold your breath, because it mightn’t be for a while, since I don’t really know how graphic cards work (if someone is kind enough to explain that’d be great) and new (NEW) computers are expensive.

Thanks, Brittany


Introducing: The Praline Legacy

Hello everyone, my name is Brittany and this is my first legacy, the Praline legacy. I hope that this legacy can make it to 10 generations and that people will enjoy reading it.

My first entry should be up in a few days hopefully, I will be writing it in Week 1: Day 1 etcetera, thanks to the influence of the Charm Legacy.

If you are reading this, please check back in a few days as the first chapter should be up.